Composite sample sets

My composite sets have two main categories.

These composites have been made by combining my samples from two organs of similar character. The sample sets that make up the composite are two or three manual, complement each other, and increase the organist’s freedom. 

The composite itself is free to download, but you will need to have the sample sets of both the original organs that make up the composite to use it. These pairs of sample sets can be purchased at a special discounted price and, of course, the sample sets can also be used independently. If you download the composite for free, you can try it out with free demo versions of the sample sets that make up the composite. I always recommend this before buying.

I made these composites from free samples from other providers. Most of them use demo samples from Sonus Paradisi which you can download from their site for free. 

Unlike the composites created from my own sample sets, for which I can guarantee the quality  and provide full support, be warned that these composites were my first attempt. I was inexperienced at the time and didn’t know many tricks! I know some of these composites are not perfect. But they are entirely free and worth a try. 

Composites made from own samples.

Composites that are completely free to download and use at no extra cost.