Jehmlich Organs from Hungary composite set


During the communist era there was an organist who was party secretary, named Gabor Lehotka.  He wanted to realize that not only is the organ in church, but also in concert halls. Therefore, he asked the leaders of the communist party to build organs in concert halls. The Communist Party leaders agreed with his ideas, thus several organs were built in Hungary between 1975 and 1985 by the Jehmlich Organ Factory (Dresden, DDR) in Vac, Kecskemet, Szombathely and Szekszard. 

They are very good organs.  These are the first modern baroque organs in Hungary.  Gabor Lehotka produced several recordings, primarily the Vac and Kecskemet Organ.  
The Jehlmich organ (23/II+P) of Szombathely was built in 1980 in a concert hall, which was once a synagogue.  In 1944 all Jews of Szombathely were deported and killed. The only thing remaining of the synagogue are the outside walls; inside, there's nothing reminiscent of the past – just a modern concert hall, including the communist organ.

The Jehlmich organ (40/III+P) of Kecskemet was built in 1983 in the concert hall of Kodaly Professional Music School. This is the largest Organ (40/III+P) in this series. The organ is still in good condition and suitable for both concerts and teaching.  

With the two composites made of Jehmlich organs, you can play mainly baroque works, but the composite is also suitable for performing works of other styles.
The sample set is available in wave format 48kHz/24bit, stereo, multiple loops and multiple releases (3 levels).  Equal, a=440 Hz
The sample set made wet stereo and 4-channels surround versions
Hauptwerk v4.2 and v5 supported for the Organ Definition Files.
3 Keyborads are 58 keys, Pedal is 32 keys, the solo section is without keyboard.  

RAM requirements (GB)

Stereo version

4-channels surround version


16 bit

24 bit

16 bit

24 bit

Jehmlich  composite





The values given are for information only. They depend on the operating system and other utilities.
Specifications  (64/3+P+Solo 11 stops)
I used the following sample sets: Jehmlich from Kecskemet (K), Jehmlich from Szombathely (Sz), Extras (E)  

Pedal  15 stops

Principalbass 16' (K), Subbas 16' (K), Principlabass 8' (Sz), Octave 8' (K)

Floete 8' (Sz),  Gedact 8' (K), Choralbass 4' (Sz), Octave 4' (K), Hindersatz 5f (K) Mixtur 4f (Sz),

Posaune 32' (E from Sz), Posaune 16' (K), Fagott 16' (K), Trompette 8' (K),

Clarion 4' (K)

Great  15 stops

Principal 16' (E from K), Quintatoen 16' (K), Prinzipal 8' (K), Rohrfloete 8' (Sz)

Octave 4' (K), Spitzfloete 4' (K), Quinte 2 2/3' (Sz), Superoctave 2' (K)

Flachfloete 2' (Sz), Kornett 3f (K), Mixtur 5f (Sz), Zimbel 3f (K)

Trompette 8' (K), Schalmei 8' (Sz), Vox Humana 8' (E),

Schwell 20 stops

Quintatoen 16' (Sz), Floetenprinzipal 8' (K), Salicional 8' (K), Gedact 8' (Sz)

Unda Maris 8' (K), Prinzipal 4' (K), Querfloete 4' (K), Rohrfloete 4' (Sz), Octave 2' (Sz) Doublette 2' (K),  Nasat 2 2/3' (K), Terz 1 3/5' (K), Larigot 1 1/3' (K)

Sesquialtere 2f (Sz), Plein Jeu 4f (K), Zimbel 3f' (Sz)

Fagott 16' (K), Trompette Harmonique 8' (K), Hautbois 8' (K), Clarion 4' (K)

Positiv 14 stops

Octave 8' (Sz), Holzgedackt 8' (K), Rohrfloete 8' (K), Vox Celestis 8' (E)

Prinzipal 4' (Sz), Floete 4' (K), Prinzipal 2' (K), Gemsquint 1 1/3' (Sz), Stiffloete 1' (K) Sesquialtera 2f (K), Mixtur 4f (K), Scharf 3f (K)

Trompette echo 8' (Sz), Cromorne 8' (K)

Solo 11 stops - without keyboard

Fagott 16' (K), Kornett 3f (K), Schalmei 8' (Sz), Hautbois 8' (K), Cromorne 8' (K)

Vox Humana 8' (E), Trompette Harmonique (K), Trompette 8' (K)

Trompette echo 8' (Sz), Clarion 4' (K)

Zimbelstern - independent (K)

Expansions are only the organ own sound files    
Audio demos
Koloss István: Partita No. 2 on a Theme by Tinódi Sebestyén
Playing Nagy István

1. You have to download and install the Jehmlich from Szombathely and Jehmlich from Kecskemét sample sets (full version or demo version).
2. Free download the Jehmlich composit sample set (4.2 MB) - Gift for me
3. Install the Jehmlich composit sample set  

The Jehmlich Composite sample set works with the Jehmlich Szombathely and Jehmlich Kecskemet sample sets demo and full version as well. Download the demo sample sets from mí website.
Demo sample set of Jehmlich from Szombathely
Demo sample set of Jehmlich from Kecskemet