Reverb guide

If someone is using Hauptwerk v5, don’t bother with this tutorial because they can echo their sample at will with IR reverb. 

There are several old sample sets that are valuable and beautiful and have little storage space. They have only one problem: they are very dry. Unfortunately, there is no echo option in Hauptwerk v4 and older versions of Grandorgue. Thus, this must be solved with the help of external software. 

I wrote this review in 2013-2014. Much has changed since then. New versions of the software presented have appeared that work a little differently. But the principle of echo has remained the same, so I hope the guide helps you. If you understand each step, you can then easily adapt the procedure to your current software. 

I did not update this tutorial because I have not been dealing with this issue for years. But I left this here on the website and didn’t delete it because I’m sure this tutorial can help some people.

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1. Installing utilites

a. The Liquidsonics installation guide

b. The Reaper installation guide
2. Initial settings (of the programs)

a. Settings of Hauptwerk program for reverb

b. Settings of Reaper program for Hauptwerk

c. Settings of Grandorgue program for reverb

d. Settings of Reaper program for Grandorgue
3. Usage of the reverbed Hauptwerk program

4. Usage of the reverbed Grandorgue program

Important additions:

If you are using Reaper v4 version, you take my advice from Jürgen Wolf.

"Important is that the input fx holds Hauptwerk and the output fx holds the reverb module. You should use the channels on the left side, not those on the bottom. There are two different fx-knobs. More tot he left there is the input fx. If you klick on this a window opens. In this window you have to add the Hauptwerk module (or path). Thats all- then the fx knob more to the right gets the reverb module - or any module from reaper such as an EQ with is also useful."