1. What is the Hauptwerk sample set?
The Hauptwerk sample set is the complete soundtrack of a real  pipe-organ.
A special software is required to sound thesample set, this is  the Hauptwerk app, which is an organ simulator.
The hardware includes a computer, sound system and midi keyboards, midi pedal. The Hauptwerk instrument looks similar to a digital organ, but its sound is much more realistic and can be used with any sample set.
2. Why are these Hungarian samples needed when there are already so many sample sets of better or better organs?
Every organ is unique and the organ is not just an instrument, but much more: a sacred object. The organ accompany the Christian's life, from birth to death. The sound sample presents an organ and the organ gives news about the history, spirituality and culture of a people. The sound sample presents an organ and the organ gives news about the history, spirituality and culture of a people. If you never buy from me, but occasionally browse my website, read the history of a city, a church, an organ, look at pictures of a church, listen to music recorded with sound samples, then you will know more about my country and me, and maybe get to know yourself better ... That's my goal and that's enough for me.
3. Where can I find your sample sets?
I have a lot of voice samples and I have grouped them in several ways to make it easier for you to find what interests you. You can start the search in the "sample sets" and "composite sets" menus. Here you will find all and special groups. Just click on the sample icon you are interested and the sample set product page will load. You will find all the information on it.
4. How can I try out your sample sets?
Find download links for the demo version of the sample at the bottom of each sample set product page. Downloading from google drive is easy, convenient and fast. The demo sample contains all the registers, switches, and extensions of the sample set. This way you can get fully acquainted with the sample set. There is a restriction that the lower and upper octaves of the keyboard remain silent.
5. How can I purchase the selected sample set?
Payment is made via Paypal. The Paypal button can be found at the bottom of every product page, you just have to click on it. Paying through Paypal is convenient and secure. You can use Paypal even if you do not have a Paypal account.
6. I paid using Paypal, but then nothing happened. What should I do now?
Do not worry. Be a little patient. I will contact you within 24 hours at the latest. I will write to you at the email address provided in your paypal registration. I will send you the download links for the full sample. You will be able to download the sample from my FTP server. I will send a detailed description of the download and installation process. And if you have a problem, I'll help. If you do not request the download links to your registered email address of Paypal, please let me know your email address using the Contact form.
7. If I don’t like the sample set, will I get my money back?
No. Unfortunately, this is not possible because my samples are not encrypted. Thus, I do not have the option to disable the use of the downloaded sample. That’s why I’m asking everyone to consider buying. Find out about the product page, listen to the audio demos, download and try the demo version. If you do these, you will not be disappointed.
8. Why are samples so cheap? Maybe their quality is bad?
Larger samplers employ more professionals who have to be paid. The recording equipment is very expensive and a lot of expensive software is needed to make the sample. In addition, the market is small, a sample set is not a mass item, few buy it. Therefore, sample sets are expensive. My samples are cheaper because this is not my money making activity for me. This is my hobby. I make the samples alone and I don’t pay myself a salary. But I have to buy microphones, software, I have to travel, etc., so my samples are not free. 
There is a little truth in your question. When I started making the sample I didn’t have good microphones yet and I didn’t have any practice. So these samples are definitely of lower quality than the ones I’m making lately. But quality should be judged by the buyer, not the seller.
9. Can I get some discount on the sample price? 
I still have a Christmas market when I sell almost all of my samples cheaper. 
I have some related products (e.g. Klais + Ziegler + composit) that can be purchased together at a discount. 
I give all samples free of charge to Hungarian cantors, Hungarian organists and organists studying at Hungarian secondary or higher education. 
If you want to buy more than three samples from me at once, please contact me before buying and we will discuss the discount.
10. Is the "free sample" really free? There are both small and large among them. How can this be? 
The free sample is really free, there are no hidden or additional costs. Free is not an indication of sample quality or usability, but something else. 
For me, all my samples are free, which I make in co-production. Freeness indicates friendship and togetherness, that the Hauptwerk is a community. 
I have received a great deal of joy from the Hauptwerk and this community and I would like to pass on that joy.
11. I am an organist/cantor and I have an organ I would like to sample a Hauptwerk. It would be nice if I could practice at home in the warm room and not in the ice cold church. How do I get started?
You are in the right place, I can help you. If you live in Hungary or in the surrounding Hungarian-inhabited area, I will go to you, make the recording and the Hauptwerk sample set. I do this for free. 
If you live in a far corner of the world, don’t grieve. I’ll describe everything to you in detail on how to make the recording. This is not an insurmountable task. If you make the raw recording, you send it to me and I make the Hauptwerk sample set, also for free.