Baroque Organ from Szentgotthard v.2
Szentgotthard is a small Hungarian town next to the Austrian and Slovenian borders. It is inhabited by 9,136 people.  

The city got its name from the Cistercian Abbey of St. Gotthard, which was established in 1183. The abbey and the church was destroyed several times, the current state is from 1755. This abbey's church is one of the largest baroque temple of Hungary.

The first organ in the church was built by Ferdinand Schwarz in 1764. He was an organ builder in Graz. The organ was two-manual and 23-registers, it is not included reed-stops. 

The organ was rebuilt several times, and in 1932 the Rieger organ factory declared beyond repair and organ thrown in the trash. All the mechanics and whistles of Organ destroyed, only the magnificent baroque organ case was pardoned. The Rieger factory built a 12 registers pneumatic instrument  to replace the previous organ, which was used for liturgical purposes.

The Rieger organ was removed in 1987, and the Aquincum organ factory built a 19-register Neo-Baroque instrument that tries to follow the original organ sounds. The reed stops made Carl Giesecke. The organ was designed by organ artists Lukács Áment and Gábor Trajtler. 

We do not know the original instrument sounded, but the new organ to perform well in the wonderful space tof church. 

Sample quality 
The sample sets are available in wave format 48kHz/24bit, stereo, multiple loops (1-12) and multiple releases (3 levels). Equal, a=440 Hz

The sample sets are made in two forms.                    

a. A version of wet stereo                                           

b. A Surround version (3 pairs of stereo recording: close (near); at distance (far) and in the background (rear).

In the surround version you can adjust the perspective by setting the volume of the near, far and rear recordings. 

(Suitable HW loading and channel settings can be used to give wet or semidry stereo modes or 4 channel surround mode too).   

The sample set reverb is 3.5-4 s reflecting the original acoustics of the church

Hauptwerk v4.2 or v5 supported for the Organ Definition Files.

Keyboards, Pedal 
The original organ compass of the manuals are 58 keys (the virtual version 61), the compass of the pedal is 30 (the virtual 32) keys.   

RAM requirements (GB)




16 bit

24 bit

16 bit

24 bit






The data is for information only. They depend on the operating system and other apps.

Pedal  (original 30, virtual 32 keys)

Subbass 16, Oktavbass 8’, Gedactbass 8', Choralbass 4'

Rauschbass 2 2/3'+2',

Posaune 16'

Great (original 58, virtual 61 keys)

Prinzipal 8', Hohfloete 8', Rohrfloete 4', Quint 2 2/3', Waldfloete 2'

Mixtura 4f

Trompete 8'

Positiv (original 58, virtual 61 keys)

Holzgedact 8', Floete 4', Nasat 2 2/3’ (ext. from Rohrfloete 4’)                        Prinzipal 2', Terzian 1 3/5+1 1/3', Scharf 3f

Trompete echo 8’ (ext. from Trompete 8’)

The original version:

Tremulant II, P+I, P+II, I+II

The extended version:                                                      

Many couplers, Expression pedal: I, II. Tremulant: I, II

Screenshots:  console   original jamb   extended jamb  

Audio demos

Playing Dominique Dantand, Nagy István, Pecze Andor and Enrico Sandrini
Download / Order
Try the the demo sample sets before you buy!
The Trial Versions of the Szentgotthard Organ has a limited compass of C2-C3 (048-c to 060-c) in the pedal, C2-G5 (048-c to 079-g) in the manuals. All other functions work. 

Download the demo sample set from Google-drive!!   

(Install the part01 of the stereo-wet version. Install the part01 and then the part02 and part03 of surround version. It is important to sort.)  

Surround vs Stereo mode

If you do not have a surround sound system, but there is enough memory (RAM), I suggest you also install the surround version. If you activate the front and rear stops too, then you will get a more compact and fuller sound than the simple stereo.

Guide: simple stereo from surround, how to?  

Buy the full (stereo and surround) Baroque organ from Szenthotthard sample set (You can pay in dollars or euros.)

75 EUR 
88 USD 

Upgrade v1 to v2

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