Stahlhuth positive


The three manual and 29 stops organ were built by the Aachen Stahlhuth Organ Factory in 1961. The organ has a mechanical console and electronic registration, the number of pipes are 2118. This little organ - like all the Stahlhuth organs - combines French and German organ building traditions. The organ was in  Aachen-Burtscheid Saint Michael Church. until 1997. At that time, the organ was donated to the Prohászka Church in Székesfehérvár.  

The sample set was completed in early January 2019. My friend, Dominique Dantand, testified during the testing that the organ's positive is valuable in itself, and its beautiful and unique voice makes it suitable for use as a continuo instrument. At his request, I made this little positive version that can be freely downloaded and used. 

Specification of the sample set:

The sample sets are available in wave format 48kHz/24bit, stereo, multiple loops (1-12) and multiple releases (3 levels). 

I prepared the sample in four stops and five stops versions. Both versions are in dry and wet form and the five stops version can be downloaded in 4-channel format too.

Tuning equal and pitch can be changed in three steps (a=440 Hz or a=415 Hz or a=392 Hz).

All forms of 16-bit versions require storage under 2 GB of RAM for 24-bit 4-channel storage requirement is 4 GB.

Hauptwerk v4.2 and V 5 supported for the Organ Definition Files

The graphic of the positive organ does not represent the original organ, but the photograph of a Schumacher organ.


Audio demos
Playing Dominique Dantand, Andrew Lecky (Erzahler) and Krespay Júlia

Download the Stahlhuth positive organ

If you only want to use dry versions, you will need to install pack01. If you want to use the wet versions or the 4-channel version, you need to install both packets and the installation order is important.

If you like the positive sample set, use it with joy.
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And if you like it even better, buy the three-manuals Stahlhuth organ. :)