Rieger Organ of Kanta (KézdivásárheTransylvania)
Kézdivásárhely (in Romanian: Târgu Secuiesc) in Covasna County, Transylvania . It is the easternmost town of the Carpathian Basin, with 19,000 inhabitants of which 17,000 Hungarians are native speakers. 

Almost all the inhabitants of Kézdivásárhely are Calvinist. Catholics lived only in the Kanta part of town, which was independent for a long time, but later annexed to Kézdivásárhely.

The neo-Baroque church was built from 1722 to 1796. The furnishings and frescoes of the church are original.

The first organ of the church was made by István Kolonits in 1865. This organ has been in the church of Ozsdola since 1993.

The present organ of the church was made by Otto Rieger (Opus no. 418) in 1894. The two-manual, mechanical, cone-controlled (mechanische Kegellade) organ was the property of the Saxon-Lutheran church in Kisbeszterce (Kleinbistritz). All the Saxons fled to Germany in the era of the Ceaușescu. The Saxon villages and towns were depopulated, the temples were empty. Saxon evangelists tried to save their values, so the furnishings of their churches were sold or handed over to the Transylvanian Hungarian churches. So this beautiful late-romantic Organ came to the Catholic church in Kanta in 1986


The organ is in a relatively good condition and most important: the original, special disposition is intact.

The following friends helped me to make and publish the sample set (in alphabetical order)Dominique Dantand, Gérard Lefranc, Nagy István,  Jos Quist and Adrian Wheal. If something's done well, it's thanks to them. Thank you for their work.

Sample quality 
The sample sets are available in wave format 48kHz/24bit, stereo, multiple loops (1-12) and multiple releases (3 levels). Equal, a=440 Hz
The sample sets are made in two forms

a. A version of wet stereo

b. A Surround version (3 pairs of stereo recording: close (near); at distance (far) and in the background (rear).

In the surround version you can adjust the perspective by setting the volume of the near, far and rear recordings. (Suitable HW loading and channel settings can be used to give wet or semidry stereo modes or 4 channel surround mode too).   

The sample set reverb is 2.5 s reflecting the original  acoustics of the church.  

Hauptwerk v4.2 or v5 supported for the Organ Definition Files.

Keyboards, Pedal 
The original organ compass of the manuals are 54 keys (the virtual version 58), the compass of the pedal is 27 (the virtual 30) keys.
Operating Instructions:

RAM requirements (GB)




16 bit

24 bit

16 bit

24 bit






The data is for information only. They depend on the operating system and other apps.

Pedal  (original 27, virtual 30 keys)

Violin 16', Subbass 16', Cello 8'

Bourdon 8' (from I. man. Bourdon 8')

Choral 4' (from I. man. Principal 8')  

Great (original 54, virtual 58 keys)

Bourdon 16', Principal 8', Gemshorn 8', Gedeckt 8'

Octave 4', Spitzfloete 4'', Mixtur 4f

Vox Humana 8' (from Principal 8')

Positiv (original 54, virtual 58 keys)

Bourdon-Salicet 16', Gamba 8', Rohrfloete 8', Salicional 8'

Vox coelestis 8' (from Salicional)

Viola 4', Floete 4'

Oboe 8' (from Rieger-Esztergom  Regal 8')


original: P+I, P+II, I+II

extended: another 13 new couplers.


original: no

extended: Tremulant I and Tremulant II


original: no, extended: II.

Slider of Near (semidry) - Far (wet) - Rear volumen control

(only in the surround version!)

Screenshots: Console  Original   Extended controls  

Audio demos

Playing Dominique Dantand, Nagy István and Andrew Lecky
Download / Order
Try the the demo sample sets before you buy!
The Trial Versions of the Rieger of Kanta Organ has a limited compass of C2-C3 (048-c to 060-c) in the pedal, C2-G5 (048-c to 079-g) in the manuals. All other functions work. 

Download the demo sample set from Google-drive!!   

(Install the part01 of the stereo-wet version. Install the part01 and then the part02 and part03 of surround version. It is important to sort.)  

Surround vs Stereo mode

If you do not have a surround sound system, but there is enough memory (RAM), I suggest you also install the surround version. If you activate the front and rear stops too, then you will get a more compact and fuller sound than the simple stereo.

Guide: simple stereo from surround, how to?  

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 Kanta surround and Bakats surround and Late romantic composition full sample sets 

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