Armagni & Mingot organ from Luins (Switzerland)                         

Luins is a tiny village of wine growers in the canton of Vaud, about thirty kilometers (18 miles) in the North-East of Geneva. Luins has a population of 632. 

The church of Luins has existed since at least the fourteenth century, but it was renovated in the Roman style in 1672, and dedicated to St. Peter. It became Protestant whith the Reform in 1536. In 1952 Fernand-Louis Dorier completely restored the building and made several major architectural changes, while fully respecting the Roman tradition. Bernard Viglino made the stained glass windows on the basis of a canvas by Yvon (Antoine) Monay.

Alain Grandchamp and Yves-Noël Denis recorded the organ. This is our second joint work with Alain and I was happy to make the sample. 

Special thanks to Gérard Lefranc and Dominique Dantand who continually supported my work and effective assistance provided to all phases of making of sample set. The artistic audio demos created István Nagy and Dominique Dantand and Enrico Sandrini.

Sample quality 
The sample sets are available in wave format 48kHz/24bit, stereo, multiple loops (1-14) and multiple releases (3 levels). Equal, a=440 Hz

The sample sets are made in two forms. 

a. A version of stereo mix (mixing of 6 channels recording).

b. A Surround version (3 pairs of stereo recording: close (near); at distance (far) and in the background (rear).

In the surround version you can change freely the ratio of sound volumen of near and far and rear recording. 

(Suitable blocking channels can be used for wet or semidry stereo modes too)

 Hauptwerk v4.2 or v5 supported for the Organ Definition Files.

Keyboards, Pedal 

The compass of the manuals of the original version are 56 keys, the extended version are 58 keys.

The compass of the pedal of the original version are is 30 keys, the extended version are 32 keys.

RAM requirements (GB)




16 bit

24 bit

16 bit

24 bit






The values given are for reference only and depend on the operating system of the computer and the utilities used. 

Pedal  30 keys

Soubbasse 16', Flute 8'                            

Pedal 32 keys

+ Principal 8', Choral 4', Musette 8'    

Great 56 keys

Montre 8', Flute 4', Doublette 2', Mixture                         Musette 8'        

Great 58 keys

+ Bourdon 16', Flute 8', Principal 4'm Quint 2 2/3'

Positiv 56 keys

Bourdon 8', Flute 4', Quinte 2 2/3', Tierce 1 3/5', Principal 1'    

Positiv 58 keys

+ Voix celeste 8', Voix humana 8'


P+I, P+II, I+II 


I and I!

Expression pedal



many new couplers



Expression pedal


Slider of Near (semidry) - Far (wet) - Rear volumen control (only in the surround version!)

All expansion are only the organ own sound files!

Audio demos

Playing Domonique Dantand, Nagy István and Enrico Sandrini.
Download / Order

The Luins sample set is released as a shareware virtual instrument. 
You have to request the download link.
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Within 48 hours the "Association de l’Orgue virtuels des Eaux-Vives" will send you the download link and detailed information on the condition of uses. The downloaded sample can be used for an unlimited period without restrictions, but if you like the sample set please make a donation to the AOEV in the suggested amount of € 45