Eule organ from Szombathely
Szombathely is the 10th largest city in Hungary, 80,000 inhabitans. It is the administrative centre of Vas county in the west of the country, located near the border with Austria.   

Szombathely is the oldest recorded city in Hungary. It was founded by the Romans in 45 AD under the name of Colonia Claudia Savariensum (Claudius' Colony of Savarians), and it was the capital of the Pannonia Superior province of the Roman Empire. Szombathely is known as the birthplace of Saint Martin of Tours, the Duke of Armbrust, and Rudolf Virág, Leopold Bloom's father in James Joyce's Ulysses.

Calvary Church (also known as the Holy Cross Parish Church) is a very small church, which was built around 1730.


The church's organ was built by the german Hermann Eule organ factory in 1987. The Eule factory known the major repairer and restorer of the Gottfried Silbermann organs. The organ of Calvary Church was built in Silbermann style, using authentic materials and techniques, baroque tuning. It was Hungary's first authentic baroque organ. Spányi Miklós organist recorded several CDs with the organ. The organ was cleaned and retuned by Dr. Gyula Kormos 2007.  

Sample quality 
The sample sets are available in wave format 48kHz/24bit, stereo, multiple loops (1-8) and multiple releases (3 levels).              

Equal, a=415 Hz (The installation package includes the original temperament file, which is similar as Kirnberger II.)

The sample sets made ​​in three versions, dry stereo, wet stereo and surround form. 

The reverb of  2-2.5 s, reflects he original acoustics of the chapel.

Hauptwerk v4.2 or v5 supported for the Organ Definition Files.

Keyboards, Pedal 
The original organ compass of the manuals are 58 keys (the virtual version 61), the compass of the pedal is 30 (the virtual 32) keys.   

RAM requirements (GB)

stereo dry

simple wet

surround or extend


16 bit

24 bit

16 bit

24 bit

16 bit

24 bit

Eule Szombathely







The data is for information only. They depend on the operating system and other apps.

Original Organ

Virtual Sample set

Pedal  30 keys

Subbass 16, Oktavbass 8'

Fagott 16'

Pedal 32 keys

+ Gedect 8+ from positive,

   Choral 4 from Gr. Principal 8'

Great  58 keys

Principal 8', Rohrfloete 8', Oktave 4', Quint 2 2/3', Superoktave 2'

Sesquialtera, Mixtura

Great 61 keys


Positiv 58 keys

Gedackt 8', Rohrfloete 4', Principal 2', Larigot 1 1/3'

Swell 61 keys



I/Ped, II/Ped, II/I


General (I+II)





Expansions are only the organ own sound files

Audio demos

Playing Enrico Sandrini Eric, Dalest, Pecze Andor and Wiliam Morong
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Try the the demo sample sets before you buy!
The Trial Versions of the Eule organ from Szombathely has a limited compass of C2-C3 (048-c to 060-c) in the pedal, C2-G5 (048-c to 079-g) in the manuals. 
All other functions work. 
Download the demo sample set

Package 02 (860.3 MB)
Package 03 (841.1 MB)

Installation proposal:
The use of dry sample set: install the package 01.
The use of simple stereo sample set: install the package 02.

To use Surround or extended stereo sample set: install all three package. (01. + 02. + 03.) 

In the surround version, unfortunately, the mixing ratio cannot be set freely with the help of sliders. So I made two fixed mixing ratios, this is surround 1 and surround 2.                            

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