The Bells of St. Andrew church of Komárom
Komárom (Komárno, Komorn) is one of the most important town of Hungarian historic. 
 When I made the sample set of Buckow-Rieger organ I heard the Church's bells.The bells sounded really liked me. I climbed up the tower and picked up the bells. It was terrific and scary, but also magnificent. :) 
This experience I can not reproduce, but now you can listen to the bells. And if you have a Christmas mood, you can play carillon nice Christmas carols.
Specification of the sample set 
 Manuals: 2 Stops: 2 
 Compass: 61 Couplers: 5 Enclosures: 2 
 Disposition: Great: Xylophone Swell: Carillon 
 RAM requirements 
16 bit, multiple loop, multiple releases: 2.0 GB. 
24 bit, multiple loop, multiple releases: 2.4 GB.

Audio demos

Playing Júlia Krespay