Ziegler Organ of Sepsiszentgyörgy (Transylvania) - from Montreux
Sepsiszentgyörgy (Sfântu Gheorghe) is the capital city of Covasna County, Romania. Located in the central part of the country and in the historical region of Transylvania.The number of inhabitants is 55,000, and almost 80% of them are of Hungarian nationality.  

The Christ the King parish church was built in 1990-2006, according to plans by Andrea Lestyán. The organ was built by Rudolf Ziegler in 1953 for Montreux St. Vincent Church. The original organ was expanded in 1972 and then demolished in 2008. Reason for organ removal was that the choir and the organ does not fit correctly in the Gothic-style Church. 

Fortunately, the organ was not destroyed, but was released to the Christ the King Church of Sepsiszentgyörgy. The organ has a French disposition, 3 manual and 42 stops. The organ was renewed and installed by Tamás Lukács in 2009. The recording was made with my friend Megyaszai László in May 2017

The following friends helped me to make and publish the sample set (in alphabetical order): Dominique Dantand, Gérard Lefranc, Nagy István,  Jos Quist, Enrico Sandrini and Adrian Wheal. If something's done well, it's thanks to them. Thank you for their work.  

Sample quality 
The sample sets are available in wave format 48kHz/24bit, stereo, multiple loops (1-12) and multiple releases (3 levels). Equal, a=440 Hz
The sample sets are made in two forms
a. A version of wet stereo b. 
A Surround version (3 pairs of stereo recording: close (near); at distance (far) and in the background (rear). In the surround version you can adjust the perspective by setting the volume of the near, far and rear recordings. (Suitable HW loading and channel settings can be used to give wet or semidry stereo modes or 4 channel surround mode too).

The sample set reverb is 2-2.5 s reflecting the original acoustics of the church

Hauptwerk v4.2 or v5 supported for the Organ Definition Files.

Keyboards, Pedal 
The original organ compass of the manuals are 56 keys (the virtual version 58), the compass of the pedal is 30 (the virtual 32) keys.
Operating Instructions:

RAM requirements (GB)




16 bit

24 bit

16 bit

24 bit

Ziegler Organ





The data is for information only. They depend on the operating system and other apps.

Pedal  (original 30, virtual 32 keys)

Bourdon 32', Montre 16', Soubasse 16', Montre 8', Flute 8' Principal 4', Flute 4+2', Fourniture 2' Mixture 1'              

Bombarde 16', Trompete 8', Chalumeau 4'

Great (original 56, virtual 58 keys)

Quintaton 16', Montre 8', Flute a cheminee 8', Prestant 4'

Flute conique 4' Doublette 2', Fourniture 2', Cymbale 1'         

Cornet 8', Trompete 8', Clarion 4'

Recit (original 56, virtual 58 keys)

Flute a fuseau 8', Cor de Chamois 8', Principal 4'

Flute a cheminee 4', Nasard 2 2/3', Octavin 2', Piccolo 1'

Fourniture 1 1/3', Carillon 1/2'

Doucaine 16', Chalumeau 8', Hautbois 4'

Positiv (original 56, virtual 58 keys)

Bourdon 8', Flute ouverte 4', Sesquialtera, Principal 2'

Larigot 1 1/3', Mixture 1'

Cromorne 8'

Couplers: Ped+Go, Ped+Rec, Ped+Pos, Go+Rec, Go+Pos, Pos+Rec, Rec+Pos


original: Rec, Pos

extended: Go

Enclosure: Rec

Slider of Near (semidry) - Far (wet) - Rear volumen control

(only in the surround version!)

Audio demos

Playing Dominique Dantand, Nagy István, Pecze Andor and Enrico Sandrini
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Try the the demo sample sets before you buy!
The Trial Versions of the Ziegler Organ has a limited compass of C2-C3 (048-c to 060-c) in the pedal, C2-G5 (048-c to 079-g) in the manuals. All other functions work. 

Download the demo sample set from Google-drive!!   

(Install the part01 of the stereo-wet version. Install the part01 and then the part02 and part03 of surround version. It is important to sort.)  

Surround vs Stereo mode

If you do not have a surround sound system, but there is enough memory (RAM), I suggest you also install the surround version. If you activate the front and rear stops too, then you will get a more compact and fuller sound than the simple stereo.

Guide: simple stereo from surround, how to?  

I made a five manual composite from the Ziegler sample and Klais sample set.

Here is information on how to use it.

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Ziegler Surround and Klais surround and Ziegler+Klais composite

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