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 Augustine Takats the licenser hereby grants to you the licensee a non-exclusive personal right to use this Sample Set (including the component samples sound-files images databases and other data contained within it) as follows:                                                                           1. You may use the Sample Set on a single computer in non-commercial applications including not-for-profit recordings and not-for-profit performance.  A separate licence or written permission from the licenser is required for use in commercial performance or commercial recordings or commercial publication or for the permanent installation of the Sample Set in a public venue.                                                                                                   2. You may make and must keep secure a personal backup copy.                                           3. Unauthorized copying, reproducing, lending, leasing, trading, duplication, resampling, reselling, hiring, sub-licensing, uploading or downloading to a database, server or network or embedding within any product for resale or any other form of distribution of the Sample Set are strictly forbidden and may be a criminal offence.                                                                 4.  If you materially breach these terms the licenser may terminate the licence with immediate effect and/or claim compensation for loss and consequential damages from you and/or seek criminal prosecution and/or pursue other legal remedies including recovery of legal expenses                                                                                                                           5. The Sample Set is provided without warranty and the licenser cannot accept any liability for the use of the sample set.  You are responsible for establishing fitness-for-purpose before purchase. Free demo sample sets are available for this purpose.                                             6. All rights reserved.  Augustine Takats retains ownership of the Sample Set and reserves all other rights not expressly granted to you.                                                                             7. Demo sample sets may be freely copied and transferred but may be used only for evaluation of the sample set


The Licence of the full sample sets

Ordering & Payment & Download

Payment is made ​​to my paypal account.

After payment is made within 24 hours you will receive the download links via email.

You have 48 hours to download the sample set. The download time of your request, I will lengthen your.

Please let me know if you failed to download it, and even if successful.


                           Attention!                              You can download the purchased sample set                       from my FTP server.