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After the political changes the heavy industry is ruined and the city suffers from many problems. 
The iron factory had to close as well.

The paris church of iron factory was built in 1908 from the donation of the workers of the factory. The church was built in neo-Romanesque style. The Angster organ  (II/22) was destroyed in the Second World War. After a long time there was no organ, just a harmonium. In 1998, the parish operated a religious order, the "Little Brothers of St. Francis".

The Walcker-Organ Opus 3980 built in 1960 to Kath. Church of Bad Ems. This is a great neo-baroque organ with III/38 stops. The Bad Ems parish church donated these organ to the church of the Iron Factory in 1995. Unfortunately, there was no money inthe professionally set up and commissioned of the organ. Some of the important stops disappeared, others are not well tuned. Butsuperb acoustics still sounds very much this monumental instrument.

Walcker Organ from Miskolc Catholic Church of Iron Factory