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Sonus Paradisi Velesovo-Menesterol composite set


Velesovo and Menesterol are the  beautiful sample sets of Sonus Paradisi. From these two sample sets I made a three-manual Hauptwerk  modern baroque organ and the installation package is free to download.

Specification of the sample set:
48 kHz, 24 bit stereo, multiple loops and multiple releases.
Manuals: 3    Stops: 64    
Compass: 61/32
Couplers: 25,  Tremulants:4 
RAM requirements: 16 bit: 9.3 GB    20 bit: 12.6 GB     24 bit: 15.8 GB (Include sampleset, HW4, Reaper programs and Win 7 prof. 64 bit.)

Great: Bourdon16' Principal16' Principal8' Rohrfloet8' Gemshorn8' Spitzfloet4' Prestant4' Octav4' Octav2' Flute2' Mixtur4x Sesquialtera2x Sesquinta2 2/3 Cimbal3x Trompete4' Trompeta8' Fagot16'
Swell: Rohrfloet16' Principal8' Viola Di Gamba8' Quintadena8' Gedact8' Dulzian8' Octav4' Klein Gedact4' Salicional4' Nassat3' Octav2' Waldfloet2' Quinta1 1/2 Tercia1 3/5 Scharf4x Vox humana8' Trompeta echo8' Plein jeu
Positiv: Burdon16' Burdon8' Quintadena8' Dulzian8' Prestan4' Flute4' Nazard Flute2' Doublette2' Quinte Sesquialtera Shifflet1' Vox humana8' Cymbala Trompete8'
Pedal: Bourdon32' Subbas16' Violon16' Octavbas8' Gedactbas8' Flute8' Octavbas4' Principal4' Nachthorn2' Flute2' Mixtur Clarin4' Trompet8' Possun16'

I made the CODM file Myco-2013 program.


Sound demos: 



Required for the use of the Velesovo-Menesterol virtual organ:

  • Hauptwerk v4 program (no RAM limit)
  • Previously installed Velesovo wet and Menesterol wet sample sets
  • At least 10 GB RAM (Recommended 16 GB)  (Include samplesets, HW4, Reaper programs and Win 7 prof. 64 bit.)

​The Velesovo-Menesterol composit virtual organ does not affect the original Velesovo and Menesterol operations and Al's extensions.

Download the installation package of Velesovo-Menesterol composit virtual organ v2.1

Denis sent a very nice background. Screenshot. If you want to use it instead of the original, you can download it and replace the original background picture.
Place the velesevo-menesterol4.jpg inside this folder:  ...Hauptwerk\HauptwerkSampleSetsAndComponents\OrganInstallationPackages\000827\background_images

Attention! The Velesovo-Menesterol virtual organ will work only if you have own the original and installed Velesovo and Menesterol sample sets!