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 Original & Composit sample sets

The Parish of St. Andrew Catholic Church of Komárno instructs Augustine Takats to
distribution the Sample Set of Buckow-Rieger Organ. 

The Parish of St. Andrew Catholic Church  of Komárno, as the licenser, grants to you, the 
licensee, a non-exclusive personal right to use this Sample Set in accordance with the terms contained in these terms and conditions.

You may use the Sample Set on a single computer in non-commercial applications. You can make a backup for yourself. Copying, reproducing, lending, leasing, trading, duplication, resampling, reselling, hiring, sub-licence granting, uploading or downloading to a database, server or network or any other form of distribution of the Sample Set, Samples or recordings using the Sample Sets are strictly forbidden. If the licensee violates this license considerably, the licenser is authorized to an immediate termination of the contract. Unauthorized copying, lending, leasing, trading, duplication, resampling, reselling, hiring, sub-licence granting, uploading or downloading to a database, server or network or any other form of distribution of the Sample Set or Samples are criminal and will be persecuted. Consequently damages and compensation may be claimed.

Use of the sample set allowed in churches, schools, charity concerts and at home. Any other use (eg. commercialization of the record voices or sale of tickets for the concerts) subject to prior authorization of the parish. 

The Parish of St. Andrew Catholic Church of Komárno retains ownership of all the sound 
samples. The Parish of St. Andrew Catholic Church of Komárno reserves all other rights not expressly granted to you.

The demo sample sets may be copy, transferable, but can not be used for any other purpose.

Special Licence of the Buckow-Rieger sample set

Ordering & Payment & Download


Payment is made ​​to my paypal account.

After payment is made within 24 hours you will receive a download link via email.

You have 48 hours to download the sample set. The download time of your request, I will lengthen your.

Please let me know if you failed to download it, and even if successful.


Attention! To download files from MEGA, Chrome or Firefox browsers as possible. IE browser is not capable of downloading!