Welcome to my website, where you can find low-priced and free Hauptwerk samples,                         mainly from Hungarian organs and free composite sets.

All samples are compatible with Hauptwerk 4.2 and 5 version. 

18/09/2020 French baroque organ from Solignac (8/I+P -16/III) - free 
02/09/2020 Renaissance Replica from Szár (13/I+P) 
19/07/2020 Jehmlich composite v2 (64/III+P+Solo) 
19/07/2020 Jehmlich from Kecskemet v2 (39/III+P) 
19/07/2020 Jehmlich from Szombathely v2 (23/II+P) 
10/05/2020 Lutheran's Organ from Fehervar (27/II+P)  
31/01/2020 Venetian replica from Farkasret (20/1+P)  
11/12/2019 Aeolian-Skinner from New Haven (51/4+P) - free 
06/10/2019 Organ from Zenta (Serbia) (42/3+P) 

I am a retired doctor and I’ve been making Hauptwerk sample sets since 2013. This is my hobby and my wife, who is herself a musician, helps me with it. My main goal is to acquaint the organists of the world with Hungarian organs.
Many of my samples are completely free and the remainder are inexpensive, with any proceeds put towards the cost of the equipment needed for recording. 
I give them free to Hungarian cantors, organists and music schools on request. 
I am also happy to help anyone who wants to make a sound sample of their own organ for free.